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Who we are? Why book with us? Book online! specialized in temporary accommodation renting in the Tel Aviv area. We offer premier selection of fully furnished and completely equipped apartments. Whether you're looking for short-term apartment rental for business or vacation in Tel Aviv, our professional team will assist and inform you during the reservation. is the easiest way to find short-term apartments in Tel Aviv's most distinguished neighborhoods. started its operations in 2009. The website collects all data about the available short term holiday apartment rental possibilities in the Tel Aviv area. The main goal of the site to help tourists and businessmen who are coming for short or medium term visits to Tel Aviv to find the most convenient accommodation for reasonable prices.

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We provide accommodations for short term rental in Tel Aviv in all the popular locations, allowing our customers to experience living like a real Tel Aviv Resident. short term apartment rentals service provides everything you need for a home away from home in all the most desirable neighborhoods of the city. We have the best accommodation service for short term rentals and the best rates in Tel Aviv at our well appointed vacation apartments. gives the possibility of online booking. We managed to develop a system for apartment database, which shows all necessary information for arriving guests to help their decision making easier. It is just a few clicks to get the exact information about the desired apartment and make the booking without having to make even a phone call.

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